Nutrition Course in a Simple Way

Sports Nutrition

  • 35 Lessons
  • 21 hours 56 minutes 35 seconds

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Sports nutrition

Nutrition and dietetics are an important and integral part of any health delivery endeavor. In the context of public health, solving the challenges of nutrition and dietetics play an enormous role in most public health programs. Health and nutrition are intricately related. This applies to individuals who are either healthy or sick, communities, health systems, workplaces, etc.

In this diploma, you will know every big and small thing about nutrition related to athletes and weight control. You will graduate learning the things that will meet you in reality, not just theoretical talk! The diploma consists of 12 lectures, at the rate of one lecture every Friday (the duration of the diploma is 3 months).

What will i learn from this course ?

  • Fat burning nutrition
  • Nutrition to build muscle
  • Nutrition to improve performance
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Scientific research of sports nutrition
  • How to grow in the field of sports nutrition and deal with trainees
  • Physiology of nutrition, hormones and special cases (the elderly and under 18 years old)
  • How do you get money from your job as a nutritionist and shop for yourself without having a big page or many followers?

Certificate and Carnet internationally accredited by the American Board of Quality, Science and Technology and the American Cultural Center Under the auspices of the American University for Professional Studies The free seat does not include certificate and card fees* 5 certificates, each certificate of passing a stage of the diploma