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We are a Fitness Institution dedicated to transforming perceptions surrounding Nutrition and Training. Our mission centers on replacing pseudoscience with evidence-based scientific knowledge. Our primary objective is to furnish you with the latest evidence-based scientific insights sourced from rigorous research.

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Meet Our Expert: A Fusion of Health and Performance

Welcome to a world where science meets athleticism, and well-being intertwines with expert guidance. We are proud to introduce Dr.Mazen Bibars, a distinguished professional who embodies the synergy of diverse disciplines. With credentials as a Physical Therapist from Cairo University, a Sports Nutritionist certified by Barcelona University, a dedicated Lecturer at the American University of Professional Studies, and a Certified Personal Trainer, Dr.Mazen stands at the crossroads of optimal health and peak performance. From the lecture halls of esteemed institutions to the dynamic arena of personalized fitness, He brings a holistic perspective that transforms lives. Through a commitment to evidence-based practices and a passion for sharing knowledge, He propels individuals towards their goals, whether it's regaining mobility, achieving athletic milestones, or embracing a healthier lifestyle. Step into a world of innovation and motivation, guided by the expertise of Dr.Mazen Bibars. Join us in the pursuit of physical excellence and well-rounded wellness.

  • Dr.Mazen Bibars

    Co-Founder / CEO

    A Physical Therapist from Cairo University
    A Sports Nutritionist from Barcelona University
    A Lecturer at The American University of Professional Studies